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Corpus Christi Hooks vs Amarillo Sod Poodles

Tuesday, July 30, 2024 @ 6:30pm

Event Phone: (361) 561-4665
Admission Price: $6.00 - $16.00

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TuesdayJuly 30, 2024Start Time:6:30pmEnd Time:8:30pmAdd to
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WednesdayJuly 31, 2024Start Time:6:30pmEnd Time:8:30pmAdd to
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SundayAugust 4, 2024Start Time:5:00pmEnd Time:7:00pmAdd to
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Venue Details:

Whataburger Field

734 E Port Ave
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
(361) 561-4665

Past Event Times

SundayMay 12, 2024Start Time:5:00pmEnd Time:8:00pm
SaturdayMay 11, 2024Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:9:00pm
FridayMay 10, 2024Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:9:00pm
ThursdayMay 9, 2024Start Time:6:30pmEnd Time:8:30pm
WednesdayMay 8, 2024Start Time:11:00amEnd Time:1:00pm
TuesdayMay 7, 2024Start Time:6:00pmEnd Time:8:00pm
SundayJune 27, 2021Start Time:5:00pmEnd Time:8:00pm
SaturdayJune 26, 2021Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:10:00pm
FridayJune 25, 2021Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:10:00pm
ThursdayJune 24, 2021Start Time:6:30pmEnd Time:9:30pm
WednesdayJune 23, 2021Start Time:6:30pmEnd Time:9:30pm
TuesdayJune 22, 2021Start Time:6:30pmEnd Time:9:30pm
SundayMay 30, 2021Start Time:6:00pmEnd Time:9:00pm
SaturdayMay 29, 2021Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:10:00pm
FridayMay 28, 2021Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:10:00pm
ThursdayMay 27, 2021Start Time:6:30pmEnd Time:9:30pm
WednesdayMay 26, 2021Start Time:6:30pmEnd Time:9:30pm
TuesdayMay 25, 2021Start Time:6:30pmEnd Time:9:30pm
SundayJune 9, 2019Start Time:4:00pmEnd Time:7:00pm
SaturdayJune 8, 2019Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:10:00pm
FridayJune 7, 2019Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:10:00pm
ThursdayJune 6, 2019Start Time:6:00pmEnd Time:9:00pm
SundayMay 12, 2019Start Time:2:00pmEnd Time:5:00pm
SaturdayMay 11, 2019Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:10:00pm
FridayMay 10, 2019Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:10:00pm
ThursdayMay 9, 2019Start Time:6:00pmEnd Time:9:00pm
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