How To Add Your Event

To add your event, you must follow a simple process of first adding a venue (place), getting it approved, then adding your event to your venue.

Your event must fall under these criteria:

Key: Green text means you've already completed that step.

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Step One - Register

You'll need to create an account with Events in order to begin the process. Please click here to register. A valid email is required.

Step Two - Add Your Venue

You only need to enter a brand new venue if your venue is not on our website already. You won't be able to enter an already existing venue, so you'll need to "claim" an existing venue. Both methods will need to be looked over by our staff, and we may need to call you and confirm so please be sure to provide a valid phone number. Once your venue ownership is confirmed you will be able to add events to your venue.

Claim An Existing Venue

If the venue you want to add can be found with search, visit the venue's page while logged in and you will see a red button with the label "Request To Add Events To This Venue".

Click the button, then fill out the form. You must be logged into your account.

How To Claim A Venue

Fill out the form so that someone can contact you and confirm ownership of your venue.

How To Claim A Venue Form

Or Add A New Venue

If your venue is not on our site you are free to add it. After your new event is approved you will be able to post events to it. Fill out the form here.

Tip: You can check the status of your venue's approval here.

Step Three - Wait For Approval

Your venue ownership or new venue must be verified by our staff. If you have any questions or comments please call us at (888) 785-0500 Monday-Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm CST and mention Events.

Step Four - Add A New Event To Your Venue

Once you get an email stating that your venue is approved, you are free to add events to them. Please visit your "Manage Events" page. You can find this link at the very top of any page, or you can click here.

On the venue page, you can click "Add Events" to begin the addition of your new event. Note that all events will be proofed before going live. You will be notified as soon as you event becomes live.
How To Add An Event To A Venue

Step Five - Adding Events To Your Venue

Tips for adding your events:

Adding Times To Your Event

Times are by each day when your event is going to happen.

An example setup as described above:
How To Add Times To An Event

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