Children’s Museum of Brownsville

Venue Phone: (956) 548-9300
501 E. Ringgold St. #5
Brownsville, TX 78520
The Children’s Museum of Brownsville offers hands-on creative and interactive exhibits, workshops and special events to children and families of the Rio Grande Valley. Come and visit us and discover A World of Learning.

Venue Map

All events at this venue

Event Name Next Event Time
Rain Letters 04/23/19 2:00pm
Fly It and Spy It!! Celebrate Earth Month 04/27/19 12:00pm
Magnetic Slime! 04/27/19 12:00pm
Pumpkin Seed Crocus 04/30/19 2:00pm
Flower Power Pollinators STEM challenge 05/04/19 12:00pm
Hand Lillies 05/07/19 2:00pm
Children's Mental Health Awareness Rally Outreach 05/08/19 4:00pm
Make a Greenhouse! 05/11/19 12:00pm
Tissue Sakuras 05/14/19 2:00pm
Flower Laboratory! 05/18/19 12:00pm
Paper Blossoms 05/21/19 2:00pm
Fascinating Water Lily Experiment! 05/25/19 12:00pm
Community Night 05/26/19 5:00pm
Pull String Flowers 05/28/19 2:00pm
Flat Stanley's Adventure Camp 8-11 yr olds 06/03/19 9:00am
Flat Stanley Adventure Globes 06/04/19 11:00am
Detective Pikachu & You Mystery Camp 6-9 yr olds 06/10/19 9:00am
Finger Print Painting 06/11/19 11:00am
Princess Power Camp 5-7 yr olds 06/17/19 9:00am
Make Your Own Crown 06/18/19 11:00am
Bean Sprout Science Camp 3-4 yr olds 06/24/19 9:00am
Lego's Everything is Awesome Camp 5-7 yr olds 06/24/19 1:00pm
Mini Flower Garden 06/25/19 11:00am
9th Annual Chalk Art Festival
Adventure Day (Super Spring Break)
American Girl Doll Camp
Around The World Camp
Around The World In 5 Days Camp
Art Attack
Bead Ornaments
Beansprout Science Camp
Big, Messy Art Camp
Book Fair
Brite's Special Spot
Buttermilk Chalk Art
Chalk Art Festival
Coding Day
Community Night (free)
Day of the Young Child
Dr. Seuss's Birthday
Earth and Space Science Day
Easter Bash
Easter Egg Rockets
Engineering Challenge!
Engineering Day
Felt Wall: Birds
Felt Wall: Flowers
Felt Wall: Under the Sea
Field Day (Super Spring Break)
Firework Painting
Frost in a Can
Girls Night Out Bingo
Guest Presenters: Gladys Porter Zoo
Guest Presenters: Sea Turtle Inc
Halloween Bash
Hats and Mittens Sponge Painting
Hats Off to Reading!
I Spy Investigation Day (Super Spring Break)
Ice Excavations!
Jedi Camp
Jedi Master Camp
Lego 1 Camp
Lego Camp
Lego Camp 2
Lego Day
Leprechaun Day (Super Spring Break)
Let’s Play!
Little Picasso Art Camp
MACH 1 Camp
Magic Day (Super Spring Break)
MakerSpace: Robots
MakerSpace: Tool Tutorial
Marble Painting
Master Builder Camp
Maui and Moana Camp
Medieval Day (Super Spring Break)
Movie Makers Camp
Multi Adventure Challenge Camp
Nerdvana Invention And Innovation Camp
Nerdvana Summer of STEM Camp
On Our Way: Preschool Readiness Camp
Once Upon A Time Camp
Pajama Day (Super Spring Break)
Paper Cutout Snowflakes
Peep and the Big Wide World Pre-K Science Day: Shadows
Play-doh Party
Polar Bear Hands!
Polar Bear Marbling
Potato Egg Prints
Princess Camp
Real Snow Day
Share The Love Of Reading Day
Space Day (Super Spring Break)
Spectacular STEAM Camp
Strokes of Genius Camp
Talk Like A Pirate Day
Teddy Bear Clinic
TinkerSpace: Action Art
TinkerSpace: Alternative Brush Painting
TinkerSpace: Balloon Art
TinkerSpace: Balloon Painting
TinkerSpace: Bamboo Helicopters
TinkerSpace: Bird Sculptures
TinkerSpace: Birdfeeders
TinkerSpace: Block Prints
TinkerSpace: Bubble Art
TinkerSpace: Bubble Prints
TinkerSpace: Bubble Wrap Snowmen
TinkerSpace: Calavera Masks
TinkerSpace: Cardboard People
TinkerSpace: Cheerio Birdfeeders
TinkerSpace: Christmas Bird Ornament
TinkerSpace: Clothespin People
TinkerSpace: Collaborative Circle Painting
TinkerSpace: Collaborative Doodle Drawing
TinkerSpace: Collaborative Painting
TinkerSpace: Collage Painting
TinkerSpace: Contact Paper Collages
TinkerSpace: Contact paper Mandalas
TinkerSpace: Continuous Line Drawing
TinkerSpace: Cookie Sheet Monoprints
TinkerSpace: Cut Snowflakes
TinkerSpace: Deconstructed Rainbow Collages
TinkerSpace: Decorate A Snowflake
TinkerSpace: Decotropes
TinkerSpace: Diffusion Art
TinkerSpace: Drawing Prompts
TinkerSpace: Fall Button Trees
TinkerSpace: Father’s Day Hand Tree
TinkerSpace: Finger Puppets
TinkerSpace: Fingerpainted Birds
TinkerSpace: Fingerprint Pendant
TinkerSpace: Flower Arranging
TinkerSpace: Flower Garden
TinkerSpace: Fork Tulips
TinkerSpace: Giant Popsicles
TinkerSpace: Hanukkah Dreidel Collage
TinkerSpace: Hole Art
TinkerSpace: Looping Lines
TinkerSpace: Magic Milk
TinkerSpace: Magnet Painting
TinkerSpace: Make an Alien
TinkerSpace: Marbled Heart Cards
TinkerSpace: Marbled Paper
TinkerSpace: Mirror Painting
TinkerSpace: Mono Prints
TinkerSpace: Mosaic Coasters
TinkerSpace: Muffin Tin Prints
TinkerSpace: New Year’s Eve Fireworks
TinkerSpace: Noodle Necklaces
TinkerSpace: Painted Bead Necklaces
TinkerSpace: Painting Pinecones
TinkerSpace: Painting With Cars
TinkerSpace: Painting with Mini Marshmallows
TinkerSpace: Painting with Spices
TinkerSpace: Painting With Tea Bags
TinkerSpace: Paper Bag Puppets
TinkerSpace: Paper Collage Ornament
TinkerSpace: Pasta Painting and Necklace Making
TinkerSpace: Pendulum Painting
TinkerSpace: Perler Beads
TinkerSpace: Pinch Pots
TinkerSpace: Pipe Cleaner Sculptures
TinkerSpace: Pipecleaner Fireworks
TinkerSpace: Playdoh Monsters
TinkerSpace: Popsicle Stick Sculptures
TinkerSpace: Pulled String Art
TinkerSpace: Pumpkin Collages
TinkerSpace: Q-Tip Painting
TinkerSpace: Red, White, and Blue Rope Bracelets
TinkerSpace: Ribbon Mosaic
TinkerSpace: Rubber Band Snap Painting
TinkerSpace: Salt Painting
TinkerSpace: Salty Water Colors
TinkerSpace: Sand Art
TinkerSpace: Scrape Art
TinkerSpace: Scrape Painting
TinkerSpace: Scratch Art
TinkerSpace: Sculpture
TinkerSpace: Shape Art
TinkerSpace: Shiny Foil Art
TinkerSpace: Simple Frame Painting
TinkerSpace: Snowflakes
TinkerSpace: Spin Art
TinkerSpace: Spin Art Butterflies
TinkerSpace: Spin Art Leaves
TinkerSpace: Spin Art Snowflakes
TinkerSpace: Straw Blow Art
TinkerSpace: Symmetry Sowflake Painting
TinkerSpace: Tape Resist Snowflakes
TinkerSpace: Tape Resist Splatter Paintings
TinkerSpace: Texture Printing
TinkerSpace: Textured Roller Prints
TinkerSpace: Thankful Turkey Feathers
TinkerSpace: Under the Table Drawing
TinkerSpace: Water Color Crayons
TinkerSpace: Watercolor Bunnies
TinkerSpace: Watercolor Painting
TinkerSpace: Wax Resist Painting
TinkerSpace: Yarn Art
Under The Big Top Camp
Unexpected Artists: Art Gallery
Water Day (Super Spring Break)
World Wide Day of Play
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