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Peddler Show

Event Phone: (361) 387-9000
Admission Price: $10.00
The Peddler Show returns to Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds for a unique holiday shopping experience! You can shop from talented designers, artisans, creators, and craftsmen from all over the country! Now is the time to shop for all of those items on your holiday shopping list! With customization and personalization onsite, you will find anything and everything you are looking for at The Perfect Street of Shops. It’s THE Texas Shopping Tradition…It’s The Peddler Show in Robstown!
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Venue Details:

Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds Robstown

1213 Terry Shamsie Blvd
Robstown, TX 78380
(361) 387-9000

Past Event Times

SundayMay 19, 2024Start Time:11:00amEnd Time:4:00pm
SaturdayMay 18, 2024Start Time:9:00amEnd Time:6:00pm
FridayMay 17, 2024Start Time:12:00pmEnd Time:6:00pm
SundayNovember 7, 2021Start Time:11:00amEnd Time:4:00pm
SaturdayNovember 6, 2021Start Time:9:00amEnd Time:6:00pm
FridayNovember 5, 2021Start Time:12:00pmEnd Time:6:00pm
SundayAugust 22, 2021Start Time:11:00amEnd Time:4:00pm
SaturdayAugust 21, 2021Start Time:9:00amEnd Time:6:00pm
FridayAugust 20, 2021Start Time:12:00pmEnd Time:6:00pm
SundayMay 23, 2021Start Time:11:00amEnd Time:4:00pm
SaturdayMay 22, 2021Start Time:9:00amEnd Time:6:00pm
FridayMay 21, 2021Start Time:12:00pmEnd Time:6:00pm
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