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Big Brothers And Big Sisters Class

Event Phone: (361) 761-1000
Admission Price: $0
This is the perfect class for the big brother or sister to take before the new baby arrives. Children will learn how to prepare and welcome their new baby. This class will include safety around newborns, practicing holding, story time, and a hospital mini tour. All children will be awarded a "World's Best Big Brother or Sister" Certificate. Ages 3-10.
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Venue Details:

Bay Area Hospital - Corpus Christi Medical Center

7101 South Padre Island Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78412
(361) 761-1000

Past Event Times

SaturdayJune 8, 2024Start Time:10:00amEnd Time:11:30pm
SaturdayApril 27, 2024Start Time:10:00amEnd Time:11:30am
SaturdayMarch 9, 2024Start Time:10:00amEnd Time:11:00pm
SaturdayJanuary 25, 2020Start Time:10:00amEnd Time:11:30am
SaturdayNovember 9, 2019Start Time:10:00amEnd Time:11:30am
SaturdaySeptember 28, 2019Start Time:10:00amEnd Time:11:30am
SaturdayAugust 17, 2019Start Time:10:00amEnd Time:11:30am
SaturdayMay 4, 2019Start Time:10:00amEnd Time:11:30am
SaturdayMarch 16, 2019Start Time:10:00amEnd Time:11:30am
ThursdayJanuary 17, 2019Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:9:00pm
TuesdayJanuary 8, 2019Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:9:00pm
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