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Event Phone: (918) 596-7122
Admission Price: Free
This show was inspired by a drawing done by a six-year-old girl. Captivated by her choice and arrangement of elements that, in her mind, composed a “tree,” curator Kristal Tomshany began to wonder how her grown artist friends would visually conceive of a “tree” and what a delightful mix of results that would likely inspire. This collection of work was created by local Tulsa artists working in their various media. They explored the theme of “tree” from their own artistic entry points, incorporating their own personal style, aesthetic vision and techniques developed over the years. Some chose to use actual tree materials in their work, while others used observations of trees or tree parts as a springboard for realistic, stylized or abstract interpretations. Still others focused on the symbolic, mythological, cultural or environmental aspects of a tree.
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Venue Details:

Tulsa Performing Arts Center

110 E 2nd St.
Tulsa, OK 74103
(918) 596-7122
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