Mercury Lounge

Venue Phone: (918) 382-0012
1747 S Boston Ave
Tulsa, OK 74119
Founded in 2005, it's a classic juke joint. We have an in-house sound system: all new in '12- a digital (16.4.2) Presonus board with external wifi control, yamaha monitors with 3 mixes, jbl subs, jbl mains. Our sound board is managed by an award-winning, professional sound designer/foley artist. We are notoriously supportive of original talent. We've never had a cover band, ever.

Venue Map

All events at this venue

Event Name Next Event Time
Franks & Deans 07/24/19 8:00pm
Dylan Stewart 08/02/19 10:00pm
Ester Drang / Lord Buffalo / AMP 08/03/19 10:00pm
Billy Kiesel 08/09/19 10:00pm
Greyhounds 08/10/19 10:00pm
Johnny Chops 08/16/19 10:00pm
Poolboy / Hummin Bird / Spinster 08/17/19 10:00pm
Tommy Luke 08/23/19 10:00pm
Austin Meade 08/31/19 10:00pm
A.J. Gaither OMB
Aaron Einhouse
Admirals / Vehicles / Me Like Bees
Alanna Royale
Alex Culbreth
Alien Kitchen Space
Amasa Hines
American Shadows
Arlo McKinley and the Lonesome Sound
Armadillo Creek
Atlantis Aquarius
B.B Palmer
Banditos And Acousta Noir
Barnyard Stompers
BC & The Big Rig
BC and the Big Rig
Ben Miller Band
Beth Lee And The Breakups
Billy Joe Winghead
BJ Barham Early Show
Blackfoot Gypsy
Bonnie Montgomery
Boxcar Bandits
Brandon Clark
Brandon Jenkins
Brian Keith Wallen
Brother Dege
Bryce Dicus
Buffalo Fuzz
Candy Lee
Carrie Nation
Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy
Carter Sampson
Casey Miller
Cash O'Riley
Chad Sullins And The Last Call Coalition
Chance Anderson
Chance Anderson / The White Lighters
Charley Crockett
Charlie Parr And Joshin The Giants
Chloe Johns
Chris Blevins
Chris Welch
Chris Welch and the Circada Killers
Chucky Waggs
Cody West
Cole Porter Band
Comanche Moon
Corb Lund
Count Tutu
Cowgirl's Train Set
Coyote Union
Dale Watson
Dale Watson and His Lone Stars
Dallas Moore
Dalton Domino
Dan Johnson And The Salt Cedar Rebels
Dan Tedesco
Dance, Monkey, Dance!
Dane Aenold and the Soup
Darrin Kobetich
Davis Coen
Deep Fried Squirrel
Dirty River Boys
Dirty Soul Revival
Dog Company / The Shame / Penny Mob
Don Darox & The Melody Joy Bakers
Dreseden Bombers
Drugstore Gypsies
Elsa Cross
Eric Strickland
Eric Tarr
Filthy Still
Folk Family Revival
Franks & Dean
Freak Juice
Fred Wicham And The Hadacol Caravan
Golden Ones
Gun Safe
Ha Ha Tonka
Handmade Moments
Hard Candy Christmas
Hey Judy
High Spirits
Hillbilly Casino
Hillfolk Noir
Humming House
In The Whale
Ivory Deville
Izabel Crane
Jack Grelle
Jaclyn Monroe
Jacob Tovar And The Saddle Tramps
Jamie Lin Wilson
Jamie Lin Wilson / Osage County
Jared Tyler
Jared Tyler & Seth Lee Jones
Jason Eady
JD Wilkes Solo
Jesse Dayton
Joe Buck Yourself
John Baumann
John Moreland
John Moreland with John Calvin Abney
Johnny Dango
Jonny Burke
Josh Newcom
Justin Cooper
K Phillips
K Phillips & The Concho Pearls
Kaitlin Butts
Kayla Ray
Kelley Mickwee
Killer Hearts
Kody West
Koe Wetzel
Kyle Park
Kyle Reed and the Low Swinging Chariots
Left Arm Tan
Levi Parham
Lilly Hiatt & The Dropped Ponies
Lloyd McCarter And The Honky Tonk Revival
Lost Dog
Lou Shields
Low Cut Connie
Lucky Tubb And The Modern Day Troubadours
M. Lockwood Porter
Max Stalling
McKinley James
Meredith Crawford & The Backhand Band
Micky And The Motorcars
Midnight River Choir
Miss Tess
My Brother's Keeper
Nic Armstrong
Opal Agafia
Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings
Ozark Mountain Maybelles
Pat Cook Acoustic
Patrick Sweany
Patrick Sweany / Greyhounds
Paul Benjaman
Peewee Moore
Pop Skull Rebels
Porter Union
Quaker City Nighthawks
Quinn deVeaux
Radio Birds
Radkey / Carlton Heston
Ramsay Midwood
Randy Crouch
RC Edwards
RC Edwards And The Oklahomies
Read Southall
Red Dirt Rangers
Redwitch Johnny
Reno Divorce
Rob Aldridge
Roxy Roca
Saint Patricks Day Blowout
Sam And The Stylees
Sam Pace
Sam Pace And The Gilded Grit
Sarah Gayle Meech
Sarah Shook
Scott H Biram
Senora May & Friends
Shane Smith And The Saints
Shawn James & The Shapeshifters
Shelter People
Sick Ride / Redwitch Johnny
Sky Smeed
Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Somebody's Darling
Sour Bridges
South Austin Moonlighters
Steamboat Bandits
Steve Prior
Strahan & The Good Neighbors
Sun And Stone
Taddy Porter
Taylor Smith Trio
Telegraph Canyon
Tennessee Jet
The 24th Street Wailers
The Appleseed Collective
The Band Of Heathens
The Bar Brawl 3
The Bellfuries
The Billy Cook Band
The Black Lillies
The Blind Pets
The Bottle Rockets / BC and the Big Rig
The Calamity Cubes And The Green Gallows
The Captain Legendary Band
The Damn Quails
The Defibulators
The Devilish 3
The Dirty Creek Bandits
The Electric Rag Band
The Eric Tessmer Band
The Freightshakers
The Grannies
The Greyhounds
The Grits
The Hangdog Hearts And James Honnicutt
The Harmaleighs
The Hooten Hallers
The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers
The Last Slice
The Lawless
The Legendary Shack Shakers
The Lonesome Heroes
The Matchsellers
The New Offenders
The Peculiar Pretzelmen
The Pink Spiders
The Prof.Fuzz 63
The Roomsounds
The Shame
The Shame! The Normandys! The Stiffies! End of the Year Party!
The Shelter People
The Show Ponies
The Squarshers
The Steepwater Band
The Steve Pryor Band And Sioux City Kid
The Stockyard Playboys
The Stone Foxes And Blue Dream
The Stylees
The Toasters
The Urban Pioneers
The Vine Brothers
The Whiskey Misters
The Yawpers
The Yawpers / In The Whale / Electric Rag Band
Thieves Of Sunrise
TJ Mayes And The Fabulous Minx
Tony Romanello / American Shadows
Travis Linville
Travis Linville / Kala Ray
Troy Cartwright
Tulsa Pipes And Drums
Two Cow Garage
Two Tons Of Steel
Tyler Gregory
Tyrannosaurus Chicken
Union Specific
Von Stomper
Voodoo Glow Skulls
Weston Horn and the Hush
Whiskey Prophets
Wink Burcham
Wink Burcham Music
Wood & Wire And Jack Grelle
Wyatt Lowe
Zac Wilkerson
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