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Field Mouse

Venue: 7th St Entry
Event Phone: (612) 332-1775
Admission Price: Starting at $17.00
Field Guide (aka Dylan MacDonald) is a weaver of worlds. Built around his inviting voice and wrapped in warm textures, his self-titled sophomore full-length builds his most engaging world yet. It lives in a place between darkness and hopefulness, with unshakeable melodies at its heart. “Melody is what makes words fall out of my mouth. It’s disarming. When I find a melody that represents my internal world, I drop my guard. I allow the words to appear out of thin air without judgment. A lot of these songs came to life that way. I wasn’t trying to make anything, but the songs became a home for words that I wasn’t yet ready to write on the page,” MacDonald says.
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Venue Details:

7th St Entry

701 First Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 332-1775

Past Event Times

Date Time
Thursday April 13, 2023 Start Time:8:00pmEnd Time:10:00pm
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