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The Christians

Event Phone: (214) 880-0202
Admission Price: Starting from $20.00
Pastor Paul’s church wasn’t always this big. In twenty short years, it had grown from a small, mom-and-pop operation into a full-blown mega-church with thousands of members, a coffee shop and a parking lot so big you could get lost in it. But today, Pastor Paul has a new message for his devoted flock—one that will turn the entire congregation on its head. You’ll recognize the hymnals, the live choir and the preacher at the pulpit. But you’ve never heard a sermon quite like this before. For believers and non-believers alike The Christians is a “terriffc play about the mystery of faith, and how religion can tear people apart just as it can bring them together”(The New York Times).
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Venue Details:

Kalita Humphreys Theater

3636 Turtle Creek Blvd
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 880-0202
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