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April Macie Live! as seen on Snoop Doggs Bad Girls of Comedy Tour

Event Phone: (361) 960-2573
Admission Price: $20-$30
Do you remember the girl in your high school who had a horrible rumor spread about her? It might have involved a football team, or a dog and some peanut butter or maybe processed meat. Well, that girl in Easton, Pennsylvania was April Macie. So, where did she turn for comfort? While some might turn to the Lord, April turned to promiscuity. Promiscuity and then comedy. With her irreverent brand of overtly sexual humor she attempts to break down troubling double-standards and lend her voice to women everywhere. April would like to add that she doesn't really know what irreverent means, but she's heard a lot of other comics use it and thought it sounded kinda' cool.
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Venue Details:

Mesquite St.Comedy Club

617 Mesquite St
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
(361) 882-7499

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Saturday January 12, 2019 Start Time:10:00pmEnd Time:11:30pm
Saturday January 12, 2019 Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:9:00pm
Friday January 11, 2019 Start Time:10:00pmEnd Time:11:30pm
Friday January 11, 2019 Start Time:7:00pmEnd Time:9:00pm
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