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Spirit Of Creation

Event Phone: (505) 898-3915
Admission Price: $1-$4
Spirit of Creation: Works on Paper by Native American Artists from the Permanent Collection While many people have specific ideas in mind when thinking “Native American art,” this selection of works on paper from the Albuquerque Museum’s permanent collection is sure to contain surprises. Whether the subject matter is culturally specific or remains more oblique, each of these artists draw particular strength and inspiration from their heritage. Like all artists, they marry tradition to populist or avant-garde attitudes, but often in a complex synthesis given particular richness and depth from indigenous contexts and perspectives. New Mexico artists Harrison Begay (Diné), Fred Kabotie (Hopi), and Pablita Velarde (Tewa) were all students of Dorothy Dunn, an art teacher and patron at the Santa Fe Indian School. The “Studio Style” they developed paved the way for the diverse array of Native artists who followed. In some cases these included their own children, like Michael Kabotie and Helen Hardin (Velarde’s daughter), who responded to their times while continuing to transmit cultural inheritance. Jaune Quick-To-See Smith (Cree/Shoshone/Salish) and Fritz Scholder (Luiseño), both born outside of New Mexico but with deep ties to the state, became internationally known for cutting-edge imagery and techniques. In the exhibit are works by artists from across North America, including Diego Romero (Cochiti), T.C. Cannon (Kiowa), Marie Watt (Seneca), John Nieto (Mescalero Apache), and Simon Tookoome (Inuit).
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